This Twisted Youth

let me introduce myself
I am This Twisted Youth
They said that I was twisted
and now it’s time for proof

Now I wish I could explain
but see,
I’m drunk on imperfection
I’d tell you who I am
but I’ve not seen a true reflection

See, I view a multitude of people
on a majority of my days
each a little more perfect than I
if I had dishonest judgement of their ways
Coz I can’t seem to grasp the good bits
and consolidate an improved me
as I’m informed that I’m just stupid
so my emotions
they roam free

I work ‘ard fur ma drugs
Sa dan’t call me a slacker
did shit
at a bollocks school
but fings
fings could be blacker
See, I love lots of pussy
an’ I aint talking ‘bout cats
I likes easy lays
I likes girls that are fat
I ‘ate all them immagrents
that steal all our jobs
I hate those doll scroungers
and I fucking ‘ate snobs
My language is strong
I bash all who sneer
and I’ll fuck you up to if I sense any fear

I live fast
I’ll die young
(I have no ‘magination)
People don’t like me
Coz I ‘angs round the station
I take stuff that aint mine
I’m a real good feef
I runs from the pigs
Coz they just give us grief
I ‘ate ma job
ma boss gives me torment
but I gotta ‘ave money
gotta lives for the moment

The futtures a heap
I ‘ate ma own life
but I’m’s al‘right ‘til I die
an’ aint no one say different
coz I’mes so bloody ‘ard

I maybe a dad, I don’t really knah
I runs from the maintnance
Eig still gets ma blow
I might quits ma job
an’ live in a squat
sell drugs for money
but what choice do I got?

Things could have been different?
I don’t t‘ink that they could
I’m’s alright as I am
I’mes betters than ya
With my well ‘ard convictions
d’em cool self afflictions
and those God damn addictions
fed by misinformation
right down through the shit stem
I tell you again
my life you can’t save


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