Flick Knife Gods

Religions addictions
full fledged of convictions
of gOds that are too plain to see
Whilst false gOd predictions
based on past restrictions
say why and who we must be

See why all derision’s of real based decisions
leave us now floating away
Quick searching precision
to avoid the position
that predicts one and all will decay
Whilst now situation
based on place in nation
creates conflict in all we do say
as coercive conditions
encroach on decisions
and call in which debts we must pay

Now you may think so what
this tWisted yOuth is a loon
but don’t tell me the ways that you prey
as I judge at a glance
from your arguments stance
your view of my rules to obey
and so judged and condemned
my arse is in-penned
less I abide all the rules in your play

Do I understand like an actor?
account every factor?
Do I choose roles that do not deceive?
For in this world of complexes
that so often vexes
Should I not fight for a truth to believe?
Like when viewing a crime
am I aware of the rhyme
that I was too quick to perceive?

Ok, time to comply
as we cannot all fly
though we’e now learned to jump like a flea
over people disgusting
sent to hell rusting
that we cannot change
to our glee
Removed our need to walk
up that sheer faces of chalk
that inevitably turn into skree
that rapid spawns trouble
as small boulders burst bubbles
and complicates all new rules that we see

As with conscious slick struggle
we ignore misplaced rubble
to perfected survival blasé
that hides problems unmended
denied, unattended
justified reasons to stay
With denial, religion or humour
their hand holds just rumour
consoling the ways that we sway
Stagnating at bottom
obscured reasons forgotten
and our morals so varied betrayed
As we blinker our minds
hide from peace we can’t find
as it’s boosting our lives to be
expelled and escorted
rejected deported
our good nature exported
by gods that are too plain to see

For with visual distortion and image contortion
we find we no longer fit in
to this heirarchy of bods
all preaching their gOds
upholding their rule sets so thin
Left fighting for purpose
justified grace on surface
as we dampen others to be
inspired and elated
aspirations sedated
when false gods collide
so violently

Oh woman and man
if we could just understand
each ones twisted land
but perfection
Just quick slips away
Meaning illusive free will
in youth we instil
as our clarity’s fading to grey
As we b*mb all their summits
that failed expectations let plummet
‘til compromised they simply would be
an underclass that’s offended
with views constant contended
when shared gOds could not let them grow free

And oh but they would
if they were just understood
and we showed them just what we do need
to hear how to judge
insufficient moves how to budge
evolved egos of passion and greed

So I profess what we’ve got
does for many rage rot
and cause evolution to crawl
when a shellac of success
is what we possess
and is backed by those gOds that are fools
Ignoring the rubble of tricky gOd trouble
abandoned life’s
down trodden decay
whilst having a good time
ignoring half this rhyme
left us with poor words to say
as those that are judging
constant deal with our fudging
as unwanted hard-core dismay

So work hard for your gOds
you self righteous sods
It’s sad how we judge wrong and all
when shared means to an end
leaves too much to amend
for people made
boulders that fall
to retracting of help
that so many have felt
not understood,
to a point where we pay
for their pseudo acceptance
and needed repentance
of what the gOds not shown them could allay
when attached round like manacles
as silent as barnacles
false gOds inflict wounds
on our souls
So please pray


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