White Men Can’t Rap

It simply must be true
white men just can’t rap
They lack the torment and frustration
to force their remonstration

Over and above
beyond lost legacies
left sacred calm serene
A renaissance not to be

Yet some stir the settled water
but cannot view beyond
thus losing sight
they sink below
those that do abscond
from the distresses not seen lying
‘bout what’s beneath their fool’s gold pond

So grasp it superficial
You cannot change a thing
Live life for the moment
as creativity just brings torment
when no one listens yet you sing
Due misplaced genius they despise
preferring concrete now to clay
as it’s softer on their eyes
and gratifies them without delay

So shut your mouth and listen
to the highest denominations
that programme all you christen
twisting all you say
whilst diving in depression
frenzied swimming for your pay

Stop searching for your better days
Stop seeking out those finer ways
& don’t eVer question why
Just assume your role of slave


3 responses to this post.

  1. Wus up ! I was looking for my better days and maybe a dill pickle ….. What are chances here ?



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