God Save Machines

(tWisted yOuth re-wRite of the national anthem
God save our cool machines
Make them all spanking clean
God save machines
Send them victorious
Steel shot and glorious
Long to reign over us,
God save machines

We got some nice machines
And they are spanking clean
We got machines
We can blo*dy kill you

Bulldoze destroy you
Take what we like from you
Coz we got machines
You’ll work all our machines,
and keep them really clean,
Work our machines!
You will not question,
find need to mention,
any objections, ‘bout our machines……..
We really like machines,
got power beyond our dreams,
We love machines!
We can have anything,
you can’t have nothing,
and we think that’s pretty cool,
coz we got machines……
God save our cool machines,
make them all spanking clean.
God save machines.
Send them victorious,
steel shot and glorious,
long to reign over us,
God save machines………..


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