Confusion Breeds Pain

A thorough disgrace
Thought the ministers daughter
As she lit up her crack pipe
And slipped down the alter

The new life inside her
Unaware her sub-missions
Now mimics her mum
Curled in foetal positions

Suffocating and spinning
From toxins and Aids
Her parents screamed evil
Whilst she cried afraid
Left mute by rejection
The confusion, the pain
As they ran from the answers
That let the questions remain
Like her naive prayers for help
To understand dreams of blame
That still grow in her heart
And darken her name

The earrings, the nose stud
She knew it would rile them
The make up, the hair
She continued to test them
The boyfriends, the blasphemy
The late nights thrown at them
Her reasons like whispers
Gone. drowned in a swan song

The river on fire
Her food turned to sand
Says nothing of love
And the ironic twists
Of supply and demand
That made her ungrateful
When they did not understand
A way to respect her
Induce or entice
Her thoughts through to balance
On life’s tight rope of ice

So she crashed and froze
To the stone cold church floor
Where she lies hopeless with hurt
Cracked open for more
To dull all her senses
And quench all the shame
To blot out her past
Re-christen her name

For she cracked her head
To misfire on split levels
She both hides from the truth
And slow dances with devils
Her parents so righteous
Simply just chose the former
And shifted the blame
For they could not reform her

They distorted the problems
And helped made her feel cursed
As they dreamed of the best
And yet dragged out the worst

For in fighting fake devils
They disowned her true lies
“Shut up, & damned,”
Like the people of Dedon
Severed clean from Gods hands

And so with these People
My thoughts will remain
Until people know clearly

Confusion breeds pain.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Something on a similar wavelength…. The second coming of The ‘messiah’ as a cracked up murderer



  2. This is brilliant friend. ‘Confusion breeds pain’ is POWERFUL



  3. Loved this poem. Thanks for sharing it 🙂



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