Capatiists, Like Me

You see
Capitalists like me
Love to fight for power and greed
Sculpt your crumbling walls of logic
Create fear of loss
and then employ it
to gain compliancy

You see
Capitalists like me
Can forget all our concerns
When we control your lives and burn
the spirits of your norm
tie you down within the storm
Blind to blame we crush your scorn
Though sometimes, just sometimes
the smoke screen fails
and we turn your peers against you

You see you are wrong and we are right


Repeat after me

‘We are the ones that control you life’

We are kings
of your subconscious choices
Manipulate your hearts
your minds your voices
We create damage before it’s done
Our reasons just excuses
inflicting deathly world wide bruises
raining mental punches down on you

Oh, why are you depressed again Mr Smith?

You need our drugs distractions, need our help?

Well we can give you:
medication, diagnosis
Sold at low, low prices
Disguising, weakness
flower your vices
stem depression,
profit from your losses

You wish to question how to step outside?


We’ve trained a million psychologists and doctors
and you will not be escaping them

In our factories stripped of dreams
we work humans like machines
Natural passions
our greed tightens
as our profit levels heighten
producing power you’ll never see

Advocates of inequality
brothers of disregard and slavery
with hard earned amoral bravery
we educate your brain in 2 and then 3D
So shut you mouth and close your mind
Stare straight into our shark like eyes
You will comply,
be hypnotised
by capitalists like me


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