Compassionate Child?

As a child
had peace of mind
neglected blissful
‘til now I find
to ingest this world so complex bent
that lets innocence drown within its swirl
as adult problems surface to unfurl.

Now you may question that we’re compromised
but please acknowledge where we stop
for in pseudo success we bow then rest
cooling brains that run too hot
Waxing lyrical the overload
of all misplaced beliefs
that melt into depression
when the needle runs too deep

Whilst the “powerful” hold their justice
within a psycho babble clause
just like a Nazi Santa
that can’t admit his real cause
to a point where we could learn
what creates the imperfection
thus helping all to rid this world
of both greed and exploitation
that are a catalyst to our complex
just like a virus to the flu
as those “above” live compromised
‘til compromised are you.


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