You Knew!

Keep saying it doesn’t matter

when you know it really does

From the things you saw in hate

grew your courage flow and ebb

To the things you claim to love

drawn addicted, cross the razors edge

your bloody pledge in dreams unseen

fledged and wrapped disintegrates

To the bits of me unfolded

yet how perfect may I be?

when I celebrate your death of dreams

with all my fears unseen

As I saw benefit to avoid

your questions still unanswered

with your answers still unquestioned

Crucified without redemption

Prosperity twisted by confusion

As through and through the looking glass

we gripped invisible pain

and whilst the hate disintegrated

the blemishes remained

Removed abolished blinded

with blatant disregard

your blame I can’t reject

and resultant pity I decry

‘til change your change unchanged

found by you and I

whilst fester float the universe

my peace of mind in nothingness

except what we deserve

and the things we do neglect

The prominence of the later

all my mind regrets.


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