BAg of Bourgois sH*t?

Dear Mr Johnson
we’ve been noticing lately
that you no longer fit in

We were hoping that discomfort formed
would weaken your resolve
though instead you seem spurred on?

We ask of you,
with due respect
to drop all matters
please hold back

Find woman, have kids
work until you are in-valid
drink happy in your weakened states
and stop poking your nose
like a microscope probe
into our diSney lAnd of terror

Yes, yes, yes…
We have heard you talk of questions
that have no reason to be spoke
of profits and of slavery
of our ensnaring of lay folk

We have witnessed your view on psychology
media; education and society..
We feel you’ve seen false light
false hope, beyond our notoriety

So we’ve educated
psychologists and educationalists
journalists and academics
to dampen your ideas
to marginalise your fears
to resolve our coast as clear
to f*ck you f*ck f*ck you
and why?
For our security my dear

So now we’re guessing you’re frustration
and continued alienation  from messing with our fight
has left you in full agreement that you are wrong and we are right?
Perhaps not?

He’s crazy, see…
f*ck it
tick the box
Challenge us, we’ll crush you
Corrupt pSychology will never fade
before the likes of you

An abrasive rhythm against good taste
our words scream like prophecies of abuse
Shouts of unfair, shine like fairy lights
with fuses blown or pulled

Lights out cold, eviction served
collect your belongings and be gone
take your bumper bag of bourgeoisie shit
that we sold to grow you wrong

Work for us and you’ll belong


4 responses to this post.

  1. Your right I should keep my feet to myself. Help instead of hinder. I just get excited.



    • It’s a tricky one.. But I do have a fairly firm belief that a dirty man downed will play more dirty.. That said helping a dirty man is also tricky, especially if he gains from exploiting and looking down on others. However if you can find a way of helping him change for the better of others and himself, then you are onto something..

      Anyhow, cheers for getting excited, stimulus and conversation always welcome..



  2. I liked it more then just pushing a button. Down with the man, kick him if you can! I’m going chant that tomorrow. Thanks.



    • Down with the man.. Now that’s a tricky one, I think we kinda all is the man.. Up with the man might be more helpful.. Problem is who should be helping who? We all need different types of help I guess from the crack head to the blinded politician, to the successful business man, to the corporate pimp..

      uP wiTh mAn.. wE can eVolve for the gOod oF aLl



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