Wine for a Living

We should be accountable

For our actions

So with hope and love

I pray to above

That those that pick grapes

Manufacture crafted wine

Harvest tobacco

Make smart phones sublime

Are happy doing so

For a living

I would like

To give


For all their giving

Paying more

Than a nod and a pittance

When I choose

Without transparency

Of honest information


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hello, This poem/graphic a statement I would have taken too long to write as an essay. This poem teaches me about a simple punch through words about what’s on the table.

    I write to thank-you for introduction to sociological poetry as genre. I find there is much online, using your sociopoem links and some search engine scouting of my own. I feel like my poems find a place/space within this art as a means to make a statement. I write some gushy and nature poems too but the poem can be a statement. So I have some reading to do this winter and am grateful for the lead through odd serendipity that you visited.



    • Thanks, I am really glad it resonated with you. I have always felt a sociogical basis for my poetry as most of it was written out of the frustrations of my psychology degree not giving satisfactory answers to the problems people faced and their resultant states of mind. I was amazed there was nothing tagged in wordpress as sociological poetry when I first addded the tag a little while back.

      I would love to see the profile of poetry and art rise a little in combating the plague of biased rot that is fed into the minds of adults and children alike. I work with neglected kids and feel as a society part of the solution is about looking at how we influence and help the parents, yet I am still left mainly influencing the child..

      Anyhow, I look forward to seeing more of your writing and would love to here any ideas you have for rasing the profile of writers and artists in a way that it could genuinely help move others forward.



  2. Wow!

    Depth of thought
    On intrigues bought
    and sold in troubled times

    Can we keep
    More than we reap
    by holding to these crimes

    Or should we turn
    And let the darkness burn
    With our shining faces

    Seeing the signs
    Of joyous times
    off by a few mere paces



    • Corrupt supply is
      as distorted demands are
      Let shiny faces
      Slide like tar

      Each penny a vote
      From grasping hands
      As still we vote
      From Ballot Stands
      And forget the power
      Within our grip
      When knowledge
      hides in censorship



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