We Love War

I would fight to protect my country

To halt those conditioned against me

To kill those coming towards me

I give thanks to those done so before me


Despite my pacifistic tendencies

I see why we fought on Flanders Field

I see why Luke blew up the Death Star

I can justify these things to my son

But I cannot stomach, see, or say

Reason we fight today

I hang my head in f*cking shame

This is not our call of duty

And this is not a f*cking game

When we use are spinal cords not brains

To see how modern warfares changed


One response to this post.

  1. Intent of this poem strong. How to reconcile pacifist belief with need to defend? I know this struggle but am old(er) and through media have witnessed too many families stripped of family members in ghastly ways. All war seems terrorism on life. Am enjoying your poems.



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