X-Box Hate Machine

Shooting people in the face

should be fun

especially to music

in hi def resolution


So this cHristmas

treat your children

to the perfect present

Screw peace and love

Forget all things pleasent

Get your pukey parasites

some highly polished

consumer shite

Coz baby jesus

would love to see

your home grown flesh

(turned killing machines)

spilling brains on their PS3


And if per chance

their brains should rot

and lacking skills

not get a job

they’ll be pre-trained

to join the M. O. D.

(who disguise their trade

through gOds decree)


Who makes these games?

What grand creator?

Who modifies our childrens’ nature?

I used to love

but now I hate ya…


One response to this post.

  1. I tell you what we did, we stole your f*cking kIds

    (explicit lyrics warning, but such true lyrics)



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