At Peace with the Spiders

Not wanting my kids
to be scared of spyders
I introduce the safe ones as…

In reality
I understand a spyders lack
of empathy & compassion
parrallels many a successful
businessman or politician

experience proves
that although the arachnid
oft’ repulses through
it’s predatory nature
it will never
exploit my children
or their peers
(that help to sculpt them)
And as such I tell them
Be at peace with the spyder
it will only eat you
if you are a fly


3 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t know – arachnids are a hard sell.



    • More so than politicians??



      • They are very similar classes of creatures – arachnids and politicians.

        Both are clever at two things – survival and predation. Both carry venom. Both set snares. Both are creepy. Both see the world differently than mammals do. And I suspect both digest their food outside their bodies.

        If arachnids grew larger, they’d be more of a threat. (OK – so it’s an irrational fear or distaste or prejudice. The fear of politicians is justified, on the other hand.)



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