Global Parents

2013 the whole worlds going to hell…
…in a giant Gucci handbag
Hand stitched by children on starvation wages
This aint no recession though
This is a world-wide mother f*cking robbery

Raised on a giant corporate farm
The end game draws close for many
Millions of years of evolution and counting
Advanced communication devices at our disposal
Poised to communicate our worth to our global parents

But you’re sitting on a bus and you’re all alone
And you’re nodding to the sounds on your new i phone
Forgot how your job leaves you empty inside
Like a hooker with a habit on a one way f*cking ride

And you’re Feeling kinda broke coz you spent all your cash
Chasing aspirations that make you crash
Listened to the teachers ‘til your brains fried
And your Sat in front of TV ‘til your fucking brains died

Posting up on face book what you had for lunch
Man Forgetting you’re the victim of reality crunch
Swallowed down our lies and our indoctrination
Mixing with the zombies with no hope of f*cking freedom

Following all our training we know what you like to munch
We know you’re every weakness or at least we have a hunch
round you up like lemmings in a heard like bunch
Man we take you off the cliff with motherfucking sucker punch

We don’t care for you
We won’t care for you
We don’t care for you
We don’t even approve

Soaking up our leadership like a sponge
Man, We set the traps and you take the plunge
We set the traps and you take the plunge
We set the traps and you take the plunge

So you went to school and absorbed our education
Got a bit depressed and took our medication
Read the news in papers watched the tv for sedation
Herded like a flock is that a fucking revelation

Thanks for your compliancy now back to your playstation
F*ck all your achievements we give no accreditation
Unless it serves our system of securing our position
So f*ck your dreams of peace man that is what you’re wishing

Builderbergs, Rothschild’s you should never question
Why in this world they never get a proper mention
You used to have ideals and good intentions
now you’re just a slave with GM foods and no pension

We don’t care for you
We won’t care for you
We don’t care for you
We don’t even approve

So get up, stand up, you got nothing left
Man, We’ll take you out like Ghandi with two to the chest
We don’t care for you, you’re just a f*cking number
Drag you back to the farm, coz we want you acting dumber

Give you freedom of speech, but no proper information
Got you talking round in circles like mental fibrillation
Number and dumber, is that how you feel?
Then we stitched you up good and this sh*t is for real

So you’re sitting on a bus and you’re all alone
Forgetting all the power in your mobile phone
Forgot how us people can work side by side
Communicating knowledge that might otherwise die

Could be feeling inspired because you’re seeking out the wisdom
Changing what you buy to mend this fucked up system
Following your dreams to lead us all to freedom
Help the people at the top release their inner demons


We should care for you
We could care for you
We should care for you
If you helped us improve


10 responses to this post.

  1. Nice blog
    Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.



  2. Posted by lupinefeather on March 8, 2013 at 5:29 am

    “Give you freedom of speech but no proper information”- well said! Glad to see someone else writing about the horrid state of society today.



  3. A feudal society can only survive with freedom of speech — the masses have no real property like land, they aren’t able to sustain themselves, so they must loudly make their needs heard to the corporate ownership. That’s how it works ThisTwistedYouth ❗



  4. Well written. I love rhyming.



  5. Well written



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