Sucking Consent with Content



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  1. I once came across a program for churches – it consisted in basic (primitive) accounting software, a database, and a couple of other things. But what got me was the fact that they cross-referenced families – or people who lived at the same address. They called these groupings “GIVING UNITS”.



  2. ‘Bonkers’
    Great expression! (Will do my best to memorize…)

    But so true: Consumerism is part of a feudal system, where money is shifted round. ‘Redivision of wealth’, part of a society where only a small group of people & corporations own the land and other important assets.



  3. It’s wierd that someone will become educated in university to learn the psychology of selling us stuff that we do not want.. Bonkers really. Even worse that anyone is dumb enough or selfish enough to follow this empty and hollow path.. Shame on them, shame on them.. Who will advertise for betterment of society? Unfortunately it is not the pop stars or the footballers (well, not the majority anyhow..)



  4. You’re right, we’re no consumer units of desire.



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