Big Boss Smiles

I wonder what toothpaste
The illuminati use?
I wonder what their kids play with
& what food they might choose

I wonder if they learn empathy
or Machiavellian ways to abuse
Do they live in the dark
or just farm me and you?

I wonder if I, am one, who
disregards truth for style

Am I illuminated in darkeness
with my self styled winning smile?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi ThisTwistedYouth!

    The Illuminati are people like you & I. My grandfather was a Freemason – and a pharmacist. The latter quality made his life during world war two a lot easier, as the Germans were also among those who needed his supplies. The first quality certainly didn’t, as most people didn’t know.



  2. Empathy is a tricky one. I know when I buy a product I am often aware of possible mal treatment of the workers used in manufacturing it and yet I still buy it.. The product illuminates my life in the absence of me having full awareness of what I am truly buying into. I can have a good life if I close a blind eye, but subconsciously I am eaten by caring about what is really going on.. I guess to be truly illuminated you have to not only show complete disregard for the consequences, but be able to play with the outcome for your own gain at the expense of others. This is the thing I think I have a problem with. So does my empathy extend to these people, well, yes, in treating others different from how you expect to be treated you are playing a game and that is not what living in a global village is about. To become immortal we can grab at power or we can spread love and have it come back to us.. Not only are the people at the top missing out, they are hurting so many and will have to bare that cross at some level.

    Just ranting, but hopefully some of this is an interesting perspective even if badly put.
    Will add this video as I think it may explain it a bit better, or give a different angle.



  3. Thing about empathy is it is usually selective. We feel empathy only for certain types of people – people we connect with. They can be (on paper) extremely different, but generally there is some common bond. And everyone who doesn’t have it is kind of excluded.

    I’m talking about the feeling here – but we use it as a guide to action as if it were moral. It’s hard to explain, but some of the most empathetic people I know are positively cold toward people with whom they don’t happen to empathize – and all the while they believe themselves morally unassailable.

    In the specific case you mention, they don’t feel empathy for us – because we are agricultural products.

    Though I admit to a curiosity – how are you using the word illuminati?



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