Future Thinking

See, I’d like my words to rush you swift
To leave you buzzing hard, floatating
I’d like to push you twice as hard
injecting art forms only pending
comprehension of some meaning
for to be or not to be understood
I’m going to still rant on for freedom

See we got to elevate our lives
so dancing forth, flow, heat to seek
some liberty for souls unique
A million loved up meanings
I’d like to float around this room
to find ourselves grow open minds
fresh blooms from stagnant tombs
that push us up
give love to life
remind us of true beauty
as we safe diffuse the lies
controlling our reality
reduce our nightmare dreaming
No more blame or guilt
for we found words beneath the feeling

So now like every ideal living lover
we should entwine a cooler pose
And though some say varieties the spice of life
I’ve only felt how hot herbs grow
entwined inside to slow
a multifacet of connections
the acceptance of rejection
of what we natural feel
chilled out in sedative pure perfection
and then picked up by a stimulant
forebrains love those drug corrections
to lose sight of those worrying imperfections
that we sometimes need to understand and feel

So anyhow, I am drugged up in this club
whilst I drown in my cultures mass appeal
My heart beating like I’ll die
My mouth feeling kinda dry
And with all them loved up round me
gonna kiss this heartfelt high
But I’ll admit it aint full liberty
drugged up dance is not care free

I mean, look at us
We are the new elite
we must find our answers
defend complete
some truthful introductions
of the fears grown from this race
unwrap our minds, stretch out our hands
reveal answers high and bass
revive compassioned hearts and face
that through our veins we pulse the trace
of so many dreams on hold
So I guess all I’m trying to say
is love it up when young
but plan for when you’re old


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