Cocaine Daisy Chain

In trendy shoes
of a hundred pounds
Stands a girl
of fake attitudes too grand

With a ten pound note
so neatly rolled
Its value insincere
Pensive poised above the mirror
shined reflections of the truth
whilst dabbling in innocence
to find the reel proof
of the needs that she perceived
set like steel in ice to reap
her future truths to be
desired, admired, the focus
of young men so naive

Men caught within a cycle
of not getting what they need
tempted by the sirens
so impossible to please
Reinforcing feelings
Feeling insecure?
Reformed drives to conquer
enslave, entrap, procure
Someone short term easy
the compromise of plastic trees
a superficial satisfaction
melted by the friction
of a constant moving chain
controlled, reactions, immature
whilst learning fast and false
how to sustain this precious life
whilst stretching roots towards the stars
head down as she grows
living firm within her reasons
to carry on this farce
justifying feelings
still living in the past

Yet despite ill communication
and the talk so twisted hip
she found a personalised reality
and so sees not how she slips
Found a purple hearted commendation
for all things deemed as civil
for it’s said within this world
that what is pure is never evil
Formed misguided torn exceptions
flourished retarded realisations
of hedonism so solid certain
if you take merely several hits

Yet when situations lifestyle
beware your perceptions of the truth
that relieve the need to learn
to find a better way
to destroy old fallacies
of situations true
entrenched in personality
judged by all and you

important nasty feelings
can neatly disappear
like when screaming loud at daddy
when things seem so unfair
That when solved with lack of reason
as if reduced by magic gone
catacombs preserve the answers
jumbled lost and done
the truthful honest reasons
absent clouded like the sun
whilst still this daisy grows
beneath the day glow lights too strong
Preened supreme a dream
and growing like a weed
in all that she was briefed
whilst remaining satisfied replete
this cocaine daisy chain’s
fuelled on incomplete
spiralling in circles
whilst staring at her feet


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