Cigarettes & Alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol
Pills powder speed and puff
Could it simply be
these drugs are just enough?

To quench the soul
To stir the mind
Neglected now by most mankind

Though once as children
most laughed and played
Despite problems inherited
Theirs to slay

As from kids to adults
we start to say

It’ll be just fine
The moments good
So laugh and smile
like taught one should

Don’t cry don’t weep
Don’t make us feel bad
For you know we should
if we see you sad

Yes we did not find your answers
though it’s now hard to admit,
We did not find our own
All we found, now just all we give

So do what gives you pleasure
As we know not
what is fool’s gold treasure
Is it superficial rushes?
Or momentary gains
Or avoiding positive paths
that cause momentary pain?

She screams
let me run free
a fresh cool breeze of wild abandon
Floating bare foot over grass
unaware the trails of broken glass

Yet, if I could watch her suspended
Safe above the ground
Then I would not concern myself
with these fine ways that she had found
As to see her floating happy high
her life a clear blue cloudless sky
Would pure and simple have to be
The eighth wonder of this world to me

But what benefits our children?
What benefited us?
Wearing blind folds?
Walking stray?
To battle through this world
Problems not once dealt with
will surface to unfurl

Judged condemned and criticised
The problems ours to own

As you can’t run away from trouble
As storm clouds follow far
Regardless how you travel
be it boat or plane or car
There still exists the rubble
Of tattered souls and torn up dreams
As to run for satisfaction
Does not repair the seems

Realise most live by example
of what is found and said is good
Comfy warm familiar
Lifestyles worn like gloves

These dreams they slowly kill us
These hedonism’s that we love

So why I hear me ask
Can I not change
this beauty of creation
To change her world
spin round her life
To find new pleasures
Deal with strife
For long term found solutions
To find positive resolutions
To resolve those little problems
that bug her everyday
That a chemical kick
or plane ride
could magic now away

Now at least
just for a while
I know her charming face can smile
To warm my soul and touch my heart
Though I not played but any part
Simply would not matter
as for all I want what’s right
So if it makes her happy
I pray she takes that flight

But I worry
Cannot help it
That’s just the way I am
As from the worried boy
Grew the worried man
Constant plagued by problems
Like the human loss of fur
My thoughts evolved
the world did not
So I worry unlike her

I will not run
I will not hide
I see pain in false salvation
But my life is damned
Perhaps worse than hers
less I can prove
my chosen reputation

For I swear I’ve seen the answers
That we’re all left hanging for
The things from which we run
Be we rich or be we poor

There’s truly something better
I see it in her hers
They are not free of pain or grief
They are of the tender kind

I must lead now by example
of standing proud and tall
Finding ways to teach the world
The beauties of my call
She’s sentient unique
And I know her to be smart
I pray I beg I urge her
not to let them
rip her world apart

Though we do it to ourselves
As best we know how
Though we can just not stop ourselves
For fear of taste too foul

Though we all wish to be happy
But how happy can we be?
Within this messed up world
of problems we no longer care to see

And me?
I sometimes see it all
and feel the stress
when I can’t change it
One reason why I liked her
as she went half way to mend it

But for all I wish much more
Even when my path is lost
As for all I wish the world
That it’s sorted at all costs

Cigarettes and alcohol
Pills powder speed and puff
Could it simply be
these drugs are not enough?


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  1. Great poem



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