The Ant

I went into my garden
Made an ant my friend
He claimed he knew the world so well
I wouldn’t comprehend

I told him he knew very little
And was really quite naïve
He didn’t quite believe me
Almost left to leave

So I brought him out an atlas
Besides which I curled
And as I turned the pages
He scuttled cross the world

He questioned our location
I pointed and said ‘here’
He ran round England’s coastline
Laughed and shed a tear
He then burst out hysterically
& said ‘look you silly ape
Can you just not see
Our world is not that shape?’

I explained his world the flower patch
Did not feature on my map
To which he said
‘My dearest friend
I proclaim your atlas to be crap’

I asked him to calm his language
Which made him blush then turn quite pale
I then went on explaining points of ratio and scale

I revelled in my smugness
For I thought the ant was beaten
As I knew the grandeur’s of this world
From Barbados to Nuneaton
But the ant then in his wisdom
Said – ‘I know why your human life does fail’
You’re just too obsessed with bigger things’
To see the fine detail’


3 responses to this post.

  1. very clever and thought provoking.

    thanks for your visit, please feel free to look through my posts tagged Nature



  2. This is a wonderful poem! So true!



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