Oh Poet!

If I had a 747
that flew round in circles
or bashed on incessantly
about its own take offs
landings or inability to fly
I would bring it down
or decommission it
and not even question why

What good is a poet?

If I wanted to see the problems
or understand a little more
then perhaps
I wouldn’t drink
such quantities of wine
or avoid my self sought answers
for such quantities of my time

I ask, what damn good are poets
unless they leave my life a little richer?
Do I want their inner turmoil
or just a flat screen HD picture?

Oh poet…
Do you walk the walk you talk?
Do you practice what you preach?
Do you bring down corrupt governments
with your poetic speech?

Poet, Poet, Poet…..

Do you teach children to enjoy fruit?
Do you teach them how to grow?
Do you teach them joy and rapture?
Do you teach them to enjoy nature?

Do you lead well by example?
Do you love, unconditionally
Do you have compassion
for everyone to be?

Oh poet, poet, poet
what acclaim is it you hunt?
Please I beg of you to know
I would give you my attention
and full accreditation
for progressive inspired thinking
(or clarity and description
of just one productive week)
for I am lost
in need of guidance
and poetic guidance I do seek


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