Who Took the Peace?



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  1. Welcome Dear, well, it’s a collective response to what I have seen in your works . Original, bold and unique. Would like to meet you some day and discuss poetry at lengths. TC. God Bless



    • Thanks again, it is vey kind of you to share that and it gives me energy to persist in this very subjective form of expression. Whilst I write to express and understand, it is lovely to be heard and to provoke others, which I can see you also do.. They say if you share positively your energy lives on, so I guess that is what so many people try and do. Thanks for sharing your positive energy with me, it is much appreciated..

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  2. You are amazing …………….

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    • Thanks Vikas, that is very kind of you to say.

      I am not sure I am particularly writing good poetry at the moment,, though it is from the heart and is good intentioned. May I be as bold as to enquire which elements of the poetry on here encourage you say to say something so generous?

      (Not fishing for compliments, I just enjoy understanding what others see and feel)..



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