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  1. “How to stop selfish kids from running our world?” Raise kids to be respectful and to have common sense and everything will be okay. I enjoyed this poem. Good job! ~K.D.



    • Beautifully simple, and yes that would work, but for advertising, education, elite systems of power, messed up leaders, coercive individuals and those that currently hold 50% of the worlds wealth and who exploit whole countries to get more..

      So I guess the next question is how you synchronise all adults with a respectful motivation to raise kids to be respectful and to have common sense..

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      • I think the main thing is to target teens now. If we target them now and show how important respect is and teach common sense in schools they’ll have that before they become leaders and parents and then as parents they’ll pass it on.



        • Unfortunately, I think those that become leaders are of a special kind. I think we have to reevaluate how we respect others, who we give our power and money to and who’s authority we accept. I guess this comes down to common sense, but we have become so fractured and indebted, I am not sure how easy this is to do now..

          Keep questioning though, it is helpful to work through these things and I am sorry if I am a little old and cynical, but I still have hope in my heart..

          I have worked in children’s residential care, schools with disabilities and behavioural difficulties and still my eyes get drawn back to the societies that uphold inequalities instead of working as communities. So many vested interests in big pharmaceuticals and debt ridden life styles. Mental health goes awry in small and large groups.. But, yes, we need to look to what we can do.. Thank you for your positivity and please keep voicing your voice, the world needs people like you… X



          • Most days my positivity borders on naivete, but thank you.

            Your first sentence however, raises an issue. “Unfortunately, I think those that become leaders are of a special kind.” – Of course leaders are corrupt when they are treated from a young age as if they are above the rest just because they show certain qualities.

            I definitely agree that big pharmaceutical companies are ruining our society, along with other major corporations. Monsanto, as an example, is waay too big and powerful.




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