A Child’s Desire

Children know,
of the patience of acorns
Yet held, to my condition
time escapes its own purpose

I was the boy that should seek light
find shores to land and grow
A being of empathy
stifled screams from cut shoots
weeping inside metal casement
whilst farmhands in lab coats
quietly proclaim
that in all honesty
their fingertips were the razors

The old world and all my heart
yearns the sun to come on apace
and freely share its energy
yet the farmer forces the same old gate
whilst eternal fields still sing

To my heart
the sky is brilliant
each new day comes;
a heart beat immeasurable
beckoning life
from each mothers eyes
The first sweet sight,
was to be held & loved
A bud like mind, bathed in light

At night my shadow
becomes the art here,
crouching back
flickering pensive in candle light
I now fear the mother dead
and that the farmer
has no love for us

Like a new day
rain falls
without money or care
the way of men
and all that is good

Please, I beg,
don’t pull the roots of me

I can not describe
the things I need you to disregard
for my life to flourish

You are as of one
you are the soil and the seed
to be nourished with love and care
even when blown to sand or sea
or falsely propergated in foreign land

Yet I love the earth’s purity and dirt,
mixing my breath and energy
both wasted and used
forcing me to change

I will be the congregation
as I fall alone
Hopes dormant like the seed
waiting for a sign

A seed in armor,
forged from the world of sweets and gifts
the metal poured from our molten hearts
ours to share, and ours to strip away


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  1. Needs a lot of work!



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