Wall Street Love Bomb

This goes out to the sinners and the saints
the children full of love
and the banker boys that aint
this goes out to all that’s going wrong
in the hope it could be cured with a universal love bomb

See, we need a new type of army
some different style of raids
so I’m stocking on munitions
of happiness grenades
got my empathy machine guns
and forgiveness firearms
and I’ll rocket launch regrets
that do anybody harm

I’ve got a switch blade of compassion
that can cut out all your hate
and a mortar shell of medicare
that can heal the hole it makes
I got ego piercing bullets
that deliver all you need
I even got a laser that can dissolve your frickin greed

I’ve got a billion tiny leaf mines that explode out butterflies
(They serve little human purpose
but they are so pleasing on the eye)

I’ve got a cluster bomb of compassion
that I’ve spent very little cash on
in fact all my weapons
are fully free
and never held on ration
which is why
they make no profit
So you’ll not see them
advertised on tv
because they know
a Wall Street love bomb
could destroy
their complex industry
(of fucking misery)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for reading and for the feedback!



  2. dope poem very expressive and detailed.

    Liked by 1 person


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