The Snakes Beyond Wall Street

The snakes beyond Wall Street
slither beneath the scarred tarmac
They enter your homes invited
through well engineered tunnels
paid for and trusted
Fangs temporarily withdrawn
Once inside they slide
through your ears and your eyes
inject subtle poison 
straight into your minds

They whisper lies
They split and divide
the people subdued
with zionists minds
shutting down tight
all that mothers scream right

They hiss 
you are powerless
that true love has died
that kindness; compassion
are no longer prized

They demand entertainment
that you enjoy the ride
to your own personal apocalypse

And once you’ve been milked
of all they can find
to feed their souls
of the sociopathic kind
all that will be left
outside your homes
will be metal
tomb stones
of where
the snakes beyond Wall Street
once slid into your homes


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