Govern Mental Care



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  1. Tell me about palestine?



  2. The government is my savior.
    The homeless and hopeless
    Behavior I learned from
    Close care, has made me
    Mad at the one that
    Really care.
    One day I will lose
    Those feeling of shame
    The healings I get when
    I hear my name.
    A son, A brother.
    Like no one can think
    Before they make me change
    Im going to break free
    Of the waves that try
    To sink the man I am.
    Even before I think
    I can grow up without a
    Helping hand.
    Without me in demand
    The government dont
    Lend me a helping hand.

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  3. Posted by I_Choose_sunny2884 on April 26, 2016 at 8:48 am

    So true!!✌😃



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