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4 Coke Cans on My Cooker

(a dystopian Christmas poem)

Stood surfing on an ironing board
extended higher than it should be
balanced boldly on a lions back
I surreally view
my dream worlds natural beauty
but in the distance I see a city

I wake to find a junkie
sleeping on my sofa
he had my full consent
and despite his societal afflictions
was a peaceful individual

A day of work passed and went
taxes paid like poor folk milked
I cracked open 4 cans of Diet Coke
and placed them on my cooker
I turned each and every light on
(for it’s the season to be wasteful)
I left my flat in Reading town
after acting out
these random acts of disapproval
headed down the Purple Turtle
for liver cell disposal

People fighting in the KFC
and it’s only 7 on Xmas eve
another 5 hours til peace and goodwill
if we all on mass believe
that Christmas lives within our hearts
and not the hearts of ruling thieves

The government cut the benefits
gave tax breaks to the rich
advertisers sold us presents
increased our consumer itch
to always be wanting better
when not shown the real cost
of children mining lithium
or factory workers owned like robots

The boom and bust of discontent
a desire for material things
to lust after each proceeding moment
and not enjoy, or cherish
what honest living brings

For now, I just want booze in my blood
a buzzing in my brain
a bellyful of laughs
and ethical cocaine
I want peace wrapped in a ribbon
I want exploitation gone
I want freedom rung for Palestine
a shiny new iPhone
a better way for all done wrong
peace of heart, a truer song
for arms dealers to become doctors
of body mind and soul
politicians to be free unstrung puppets
from the corporate gods that stole
the transparency of information
that should let every person choose
to be content with less
if peace and pure compassion
were the policies pursued.

I want to understand
Freud’s cousin, Edward Bernays
to grasp his motivations
and from whom he got his pay
to further our consumption
that’s so wrapped up in Christmas
and how we’ve become enslaved

To wage a war amongst ourselves
as we passively become aggressors
to the lower pyramid tiers
Like gods to sweat shop labourers
farmed to make us feel complete
whilst empowering our suppressors

Looking up
I want to know how the Rockafellas
got control of all the oil
to hijack western medicine
and the banks that took control
of the media machine
that makes us feel
we deserve a state of malcontent
to split divide and conquer
force toil and unfair rent

And what of 9/11
and Blair taking on Iraq?
Cameron in Afghanistan
Obama bombing Iraq’s heart?
To the absurdities of Trump
a grinch like Christmas turd
I question by whom these sociopaths
were pushed along their roads

My mind spun tight in circles
like when studying psychology
how can you separate man’s actions
from such a corrupt society?

The rat park experiment shows
we will choose drugs until we die
if our environment’s impoverished
our conscious minds won’t try
to take the purer path
to choose an enlightened way
and so with question after question
I head for Christmas Day
within this consumer rat parade
that I alone can’t fix
as the pied piper leads me on
to seize fake happiness
from the pirates beyond my shores
that proffer from my weakness
that aim to hijack my soul
Strip my spirits with their liquors
inject greed and pain, inside my veins
mixed with sentiments of giving
whilst I treat myself to poison
to celebrate good times
like wise men giving crack cocaine
to corrupt the baby Jesus mind

it was the night before Christmas
and on return to my gaff
I have 4 coke cans on my cooker
and a fully lit flat
I’m drunk and I’m restless
and I’ll do it again
as I keep leaving clues
That I clearly want change


Don’t Freak Out

Don’t Fucking Freak Out
I was just trying to connect
Through my own habitual weakness
Past my own self disrespect

Lies, god damn lies
and the need to correct
my self satisfaction
and glitching contempt

Yeah I wanna be blissful
but I’m played by the game
the exploiter; exploited
I feel your joy through my pain
addiction it got me
again and again
don’t fucking freak out
you win, it’s insane

Pump me up

Pump me up

with a sense of longing
Sell me everything
for a sense of belonging
Drop their bombs for your profit
I got distracted
it’s wrong an’
Don’t fucking freak out!
You are winning
games on an’

I just wanted community
I was just trying to connect
with the man past the mirror
that would stare me to death

I just wanted connections
But divided they fall
With my free speech distorted
And my poor actions formed

I was seeking out clarity
but today it’s no clearer
who is the devil
and who is the saint
and exactly what picture
my spilled tears should paint

I just wanted love
But I lost it in you
So I smashed up the mirror
And my hopes and dreams too


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