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On Owning the Moon



A Woodlouse for Tea


At Peace with the Spiders

Not wanting my kids
to be scared of spyders
I introduce the safe ones as…

In reality
I understand a spyders lack
of empathy & compassion
parrallels many a successful
businessman or politician

experience proves
that although the arachnid
oft’ repulses through
it’s predatory nature
it will never
exploit my children
or their peers
(that help to sculpt them)
And as such I tell them
Be at peace with the spyder
it will only eat you
if you are a fly

Nectar for Thought

Worry?  Worry?
Why go worry?
The butterfly folds its wings
mentally not disimilar to penguins
that can’t teach tricks of flight
to their new-born in the spring

As now the penguins learnt to swim
amongst its sharks and fears
to gather up nutrition
through all its freezing years
It has no reason to reach the sky
It no longer even wonders why
Feet on the snow it justifies
that here it is content
to fully live and die

So sad?
No, not when looking on
as it makes the best of all that’s gone
But let us now expand this approach
as to butterflies and humans
my thoughts they now encroach

You See the crawling caterpillar
fends from the egg itself
to bolster up its health
though it knows not its one true mission
of how phase one morphs to its progression
of new found future freedoms
held in an airy kingdom

As still it munches
and lunches
on foliage
in bunches
but stems are left
on brown trees

And though it risks its life
to lizards and birds
& insect politicians
varied to the scary
it has self built in protections
of toxic features hairy
to allow a one track life
with blinkers firmly fixed
‘til cocooned inside itself
works natures’ grandiose tricks
to a finale of grandeur
a new found future splendour
of a butterfly to send you
dreams supreme to mend you

Not those of a caterpillar
that crawl to make you shiver
in the hopes it could deliver
if it were not but a slither
of the life that it could be
which we half squinting humans see
of its multicoloured schemes
found lost in mankind’s fears and dreams
of aspirations to the better
like a well-scripted misplaced letter
whilst this butterfly from caterpillar
takes off in unsure quivers

With natural confidence inspired
it leaves for the nectar so admired
& whilst this glucose stacked nutrition
will only fuel its love life to fruition
and allow it but several weeks
to multiply
& christen another hopeful butterfly
It will live in balance and harmony
unlike so many humans
who know not how to live
or how at peace to die

Truth & Flies


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