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Solve The World


jUnkie c*Ntz liKe mE

You see?
Junkie c*nts like me
Like to inject heroin and speed
Slide down the walls of logic
Smoke some crack and then employ it
to gain some filthy f*cking lovely clarity

You see
Junkie c*nts like me
Can forget all our concerns
when we grab a spoon and burn
The judgements of the norm
As we shoot our minds above the storm
Digest your blame and crush your scorn

Though sometimes, just sometimes
we like to grasp the missing links and giggle

You see you are wrong and I am right
The judge then rapes and beats his wife
But I?
I wish to be honest about my illicit choices
Though I know that they will twist…
My youthfully twisted voices
My reasons just excuses
As they inflicts more mental bruises
And then throw the fucking spotlights onto me

Oh, why are you swearing again mR yOuth?

Well if you’d just let me explain
I’m just another human
Who wants to float in peace
Don’t wanna be a madman or a gOd
to watch the crucifixions cease
I just want some human contact
Without the hammy backdrops
Of the self deceived and hurting
Wearing crop tops
Designed by men for women
who seek to be told they look so f*cking fine
Girl, I don’t like these consumer dinosaurs
nor the way they choose to dine

So what about me?
Well see
I met a girl who said that natural needs indeed fuel actions
And that if you’re gonna mess with others
You should take care of your own reactions
To kindly leave those others whole
You see I myself

I tread a thin line between righteousness and blindness
And now I start to see the kindness
Growing weary
in each and every other Mutha f$ckers soul

In the club under banners
I see her eyes act like spanners,
Natural passions,
My nuts tighten
As her sunny outlook lightens
The shades of grey in me
But to explain or live this dream’s too complex
And so unlike the judge
Alone with drugs I choose to be

An advocate of equality
A brother of solidarity
With hard earned junkie clarity
Up close and in 3D
Am I not still reflecting beauty
The benefits of duty
As I check which laws from you could set me free
When you stare me in the eyes and judge
a junkie c*nt like me

Is it not Ok to buy an ounce of spliff
My friend quietly asks her boss
Beg your pardon dR pSyche
Keep quiet about your choice
Your answers are condemned by us
So shut your mouth
Don’t f#cking fuss
Or fight our fine solutions

Oh, please-man
Confuse my friend a little further
Take issue with her empathy and laughter
and make things worse for yourself once again

Your actions now less pleasing
than those connoisseured
coke sneezing
Power mongering people you employ
The ones whom fox hunt
Go to night clubs for fun
Rob a bank
Have a wank
Make amends
Hire drunks to build prisons
To delay cynicisms
To then say you have control around here

So come tell me what’s your logic
Why would you lock us up for this?
Can’t you see we’d treat you kind
Despite your thinking set rock solid
As you decide your blinkered minds
Slowly form our fate
Pick your vices and unwind
Can’t you see some junkies contemplates
Whilst you my dear just grind

And still despite all this
we do not always badly judge you
Or in reality despise you
For your faults wont criticise you
Just want to know
Who you can let us be
When you tie up, wind up further
Junkie Cunts
like her and me

Future Thinking

See, I’d like my words to rush you swift
To leave you buzzing hard, floatating
I’d like to push you twice as hard
injecting art forms only pending
comprehension of some meaning
for to be or not to be understood
I’m going to still rant on for freedom

See we got to elevate our lives
so dancing forth, flow, heat to seek
some liberty for souls unique
A million loved up meanings
I’d like to float around this room
to find ourselves grow open minds
fresh blooms from stagnant tombs
that push us up
give love to life
remind us of true beauty
as we safe diffuse the lies
controlling our reality
reduce our nightmare dreaming
No more blame or guilt
for we found words beneath the feeling

So now like every ideal living lover
we should entwine a cooler pose
And though some say varieties the spice of life
I’ve only felt how hot herbs grow
entwined inside to slow
a multifacet of connections
the acceptance of rejection
of what we natural feel
chilled out in sedative pure perfection
and then picked up by a stimulant
forebrains love those drug corrections
to lose sight of those worrying imperfections
that we sometimes need to understand and feel

So anyhow, I am drugged up in this club
whilst I drown in my cultures mass appeal
My heart beating like I’ll die
My mouth feeling kinda dry
And with all them loved up round me
gonna kiss this heartfelt high
But I’ll admit it aint full liberty
drugged up dance is not care free

I mean, look at us
We are the new elite
we must find our answers
defend complete
some truthful introductions
of the fears grown from this race
unwrap our minds, stretch out our hands
reveal answers high and bass
revive compassioned hearts and face
that through our veins we pulse the trace
of so many dreams on hold
So I guess all I’m trying to say
is love it up when young
but plan for when you’re old

Evolved Musings

So now in earnest I’ll lay down my muses
To unpick this world that so oft’ confuses
love with hate and tolerance with blame
and so much more, too much to name

A head fuck for any one mere mortal
left best dealt with hearty chortle
as comedians best unravell woes
that most ignore, remaining beaux
whilst leaving bright our disposition
though stead fast stuck our true position
that given 20 years or more
a good analyst could teach most to ignore
or at least accept to contemplate
The ‘futile’ gains of changing ‘fate’

Though if we’re honest
should we not despise
our ignorance that shouts down those cries
of youthful twists, naive protests
that cause fitful sleep, not serving best
any individuals innate needs
regardless of their race or creed
social status, tribe or clan
baby, murderer, woman or man

See the norm accepts the norm as real
and those viewing Icaras would have thought him surreal
A crazy man with feathered arms
though least he meant no body harm?
So let him ponder on his dreams
whilst we await the engines screams
before we board such fancy planes
that once only the mad would entertain

So with this in mind is it impossible
that societies solutions lie infeasible
Out of reach from minds of babes
denied the questions of their day
of all the things not dealt by us
whilst politics still storm and fuss
With oposing parties, 3 swords apart
to defend our nations one true heart
of democracy, ‘protecting all’
left stagnating the pit-o’-fools
Youthful twisting
Naive protesting
Rat race accepting
Found to suffer the consequences

So change the norm, the norm is real
and though well regarded in mass appeal
is just a state, a state of mind
that should be dis-owned by all mankind
and not just by the righteous rightful few
arrogant enough to condone a right for you
that does not fit and so slips and slides
bereft the glory from your sight

So listen the conmen, and suffer their crimes
to rebuke their words with cons sublime
as it’s easy stuff to argue quiet
those that once had need to riot
but not so simple to turn back time
and rid those conmen of their crime
As ‘til now they’ve but hid from maladaptive stress
left the ship of fools sailing on relentless
but the answers simple, face the facts
we’re sailing forth
not looking back

(in the style of Johnathan Swift(ish))

Wine for a Living

We should be accountable

For our actions

So with hope and love

I pray to above

That those that pick grapes

Manufacture crafted wine

Harvest tobacco

Make smart phones sublime

Are happy doing so

For a living

I would like

To give


For all their giving

Paying more

Than a nod and a pittance

When I choose

Without transparency

Of honest information

BAg of Bourgois sH*t?

Dear Mr Johnson
we’ve been noticing lately
that you no longer fit in

We were hoping that discomfort formed
would weaken your resolve
though instead you seem spurred on?

We ask of you,
with due respect
to drop all matters
please hold back

Find woman, have kids
work until you are in-valid
drink happy in your weakened states
and stop poking your nose
like a microscope probe
into our diSney lAnd of terror

Yes, yes, yes…
We have heard you talk of questions
that have no reason to be spoke
of profits and of slavery
of our ensnaring of lay folk

We have witnessed your view on psychology
media; education and society..
We feel you’ve seen false light
false hope, beyond our notoriety

So we’ve educated
psychologists and educationalists
journalists and academics
to dampen your ideas
to marginalise your fears
to resolve our coast as clear
to f*ck you f*ck f*ck you
and why?
For our security my dear

So now we’re guessing you’re frustration
and continued alienation  from messing with our fight
has left you in full agreement that you are wrong and we are right?
Perhaps not?

He’s crazy, see…
f*ck it
tick the box
Challenge us, we’ll crush you
Corrupt pSychology will never fade
before the likes of you

An abrasive rhythm against good taste
our words scream like prophecies of abuse
Shouts of unfair, shine like fairy lights
with fuses blown or pulled

Lights out cold, eviction served
collect your belongings and be gone
take your bumper bag of bourgeoisie shit
that we sold to grow you wrong

Work for us and you’ll belong

You Knew!

Keep saying it doesn’t matter

when you know it really does

From the things you saw in hate

grew your courage flow and ebb

To the things you claim to love

drawn addicted, cross the razors edge

your bloody pledge in dreams unseen

fledged and wrapped disintegrates

To the bits of me unfolded

yet how perfect may I be?

when I celebrate your death of dreams

with all my fears unseen

As I saw benefit to avoid

your questions still unanswered

with your answers still unquestioned

Crucified without redemption

Prosperity twisted by confusion

As through and through the looking glass

we gripped invisible pain

and whilst the hate disintegrated

the blemishes remained

Removed abolished blinded

with blatant disregard

your blame I can’t reject

and resultant pity I decry

‘til change your change unchanged

found by you and I

whilst fester float the universe

my peace of mind in nothingness

except what we deserve

and the things we do neglect

The prominence of the later

all my mind regrets.

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