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Please Man (support the protesters)



jUnkie c*Ntz liKe mE

You see?
Junkie c*nts like me
Like to inject heroin and speed
Slide down the walls of logic
Smoke some crack and then employ it
to gain some filthy f*cking lovely clarity

You see
Junkie c*nts like me
Can forget all our concerns
when we grab a spoon and burn
The judgements of the norm
As we shoot our minds above the storm
Digest your blame and crush your scorn

Though sometimes, just sometimes
we like to grasp the missing links and giggle

You see you are wrong and I am right
The judge then rapes and beats his wife
But I?
I wish to be honest about my illicit choices
Though I know that they will twist…
My youthfully twisted voices
My reasons just excuses
As they inflicts more mental bruises
And then throw the fucking spotlights onto me

Oh, why are you swearing again mR yOuth?

Well if you’d just let me explain
I’m just another human
Who wants to float in peace
Don’t wanna be a madman or a gOd
to watch the crucifixions cease
I just want some human contact
Without the hammy backdrops
Of the self deceived and hurting
Wearing crop tops
Designed by men for women
who seek to be told they look so f*cking fine
Girl, I don’t like these consumer dinosaurs
nor the way they choose to dine

So what about me?
Well see
I met a girl who said that natural needs indeed fuel actions
And that if you’re gonna mess with others
You should take care of your own reactions
To kindly leave those others whole
You see I myself

I tread a thin line between righteousness and blindness
And now I start to see the kindness
Growing weary
in each and every other Mutha f$ckers soul

In the club under banners
I see her eyes act like spanners,
Natural passions,
My nuts tighten
As her sunny outlook lightens
The shades of grey in me
But to explain or live this dream’s too complex
And so unlike the judge
Alone with drugs I choose to be

An advocate of equality
A brother of solidarity
With hard earned junkie clarity
Up close and in 3D
Am I not still reflecting beauty
The benefits of duty
As I check which laws from you could set me free
When you stare me in the eyes and judge
a junkie c*nt like me

Is it not Ok to buy an ounce of spliff
My friend quietly asks her boss
Beg your pardon dR pSyche
Keep quiet about your choice
Your answers are condemned by us
So shut your mouth
Don’t f#cking fuss
Or fight our fine solutions

Oh, please-man
Confuse my friend a little further
Take issue with her empathy and laughter
and make things worse for yourself once again

Your actions now less pleasing
than those connoisseured
coke sneezing
Power mongering people you employ
The ones whom fox hunt
Go to night clubs for fun
Rob a bank
Have a wank
Make amends
Hire drunks to build prisons
To delay cynicisms
To then say you have control around here

So come tell me what’s your logic
Why would you lock us up for this?
Can’t you see we’d treat you kind
Despite your thinking set rock solid
As you decide your blinkered minds
Slowly form our fate
Pick your vices and unwind
Can’t you see some junkies contemplates
Whilst you my dear just grind

And still despite all this
we do not always badly judge you
Or in reality despise you
For your faults wont criticise you
Just want to know
Who you can let us be
When you tie up, wind up further
Junkie Cunts
like her and me

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