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Evolved Musings

So now in earnest I’ll lay down my muses
To unpick this world that so oft’ confuses
love with hate and tolerance with blame
and so much more, too much to name

A head fuck for any one mere mortal
left best dealt with hearty chortle
as comedians best unravell woes
that most ignore, remaining beaux
whilst leaving bright our disposition
though stead fast stuck our true position
that given 20 years or more
a good analyst could teach most to ignore
or at least accept to contemplate
The ‘futile’ gains of changing ‘fate’

Though if we’re honest
should we not despise
our ignorance that shouts down those cries
of youthful twists, naive protests
that cause fitful sleep, not serving best
any individuals innate needs
regardless of their race or creed
social status, tribe or clan
baby, murderer, woman or man

See the norm accepts the norm as real
and those viewing Icaras would have thought him surreal
A crazy man with feathered arms
though least he meant no body harm?
So let him ponder on his dreams
whilst we await the engines screams
before we board such fancy planes
that once only the mad would entertain

So with this in mind is it impossible
that societies solutions lie infeasible
Out of reach from minds of babes
denied the questions of their day
of all the things not dealt by us
whilst politics still storm and fuss
With oposing parties, 3 swords apart
to defend our nations one true heart
of democracy, ‘protecting all’
left stagnating the pit-o’-fools
Youthful twisting
Naive protesting
Rat race accepting
Found to suffer the consequences

So change the norm, the norm is real
and though well regarded in mass appeal
is just a state, a state of mind
that should be dis-owned by all mankind
and not just by the righteous rightful few
arrogant enough to condone a right for you
that does not fit and so slips and slides
bereft the glory from your sight

So listen the conmen, and suffer their crimes
to rebuke their words with cons sublime
as it’s easy stuff to argue quiet
those that once had need to riot
but not so simple to turn back time
and rid those conmen of their crime
As ‘til now they’ve but hid from maladaptive stress
left the ship of fools sailing on relentless
but the answers simple, face the facts
we’re sailing forth
not looking back

(in the style of Johnathan Swift(ish))
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