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Fucking Butterflies

If I were a butterfly
I’d float up to to the sky
I’d tell you all to fuck off
and wish some of you would die
Coz I’m sick of all the bullshit
and I’m sick of all the lies
Because if we can’t work together
I’m just a psycho social butterfly


The Power of Division

let us unite
To work for our communities
For children drowned in poverty
By corporate design
sewn by politicians put in pockets
Of elites, controlling minds
Care free of guilt from profits
As we fight amongst ourselves
Instead of gazing upwards
Forgetting combined strength
Forgetting combined care
Forgetting insight to embrace
That unification makes us stonger
& its our duty to become kinder

My Anxiety

This is overwhelming
driving, eyes shut at 90
catastrophic thinking
openly manifesting
Brain digesting
pulse uncomfortably racing


I can control reactions
open my eyes
breathe and focus
With devoted eagerness
solve the questions
avoid the impact
Of fears not real yet

Don’t Freak Out

Don’t Fucking Freak Out
I was just trying to connect
Through my own habitual weakness
Past my own self disrespect

Lies, god damn lies
and the need to correct
my self satisfaction
and glitching contempt

Yeah I wanna be blissful
but I’m played by the game
the exploiter; exploited
I feel your joy through my pain
addiction it got me
again and again
don’t fucking freak out
you win, it’s insane

Pump me up

Pump me up

with a sense of longing
Sell me everything
for a sense of belonging
Drop their bombs for your profit
I got distracted
it’s wrong an’
Don’t fucking freak out!
You are winning
games on an’

I just wanted community
I was just trying to connect
with the man past the mirror
that would stare me to death

I just wanted connections
But divided they fall
With my free speech distorted
And my poor actions formed

I was seeking out clarity
but today it’s no clearer
who is the devil
and who is the saint
and exactly what picture
my spilled tears should paint

I just wanted love
But I lost it in you
So I smashed up the mirror
And my hopes and dreams too

Universal Children

And The Women Did Little Better

Farming Hate

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