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Universal Children


And The Women Did Little Better

Farming Hate

Do You Find Our Education System a Bit Odd?

Our education is something that many of us just accept and work through. Some however go through kicking and screaming. Some leave on the surface a success in business and even in life, others miserable and unbalanced. Many blame themselves for failing in this competitive arena, but what if our education system is inherently flawed? What if having an understanding of why could empower people to stop feeling like failures and find what they are good at again. Is it even in the economic interests of our countries to have a large number of well balanced successful individuals, do we in fact need a large number of people desperate for a job in a Wal-Mart or an Amazon Warehouse?

When I watched this extraordinary video, it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, like many of the things that bothered me about our education system were suddenly exposed. If you are to watch one video on education, I would heartedly recommend this one and would love to hear your comments and thoughts about it.


Recipie for Aggression


Computer Brain

My mind grown like computer

this world a wi-fi router

my memories spin

hard disks and ram

thinking out the thoughts I am

My programmes all need upgrades

Optomism 1.01 now retrograde

my binary twists

but will not fade

judged black or white

by what’s displayed

My fear just like a virus

stripping pure resources

my ram now clogged

processor clocked

my output corrupt

a bunch of crock

Stop feeding me this virus….

Inspired by poem Fear1 from ThatWisePoet

Criminal Parent

I think

I have

attachment issues

Yep, poor parenting

by the goverment

Their lies tie my mind

so many ways

I am left




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