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The Hidden Truth About Addiction

Some of the greatest findings in psychology, for some reason seem to get completely lost hidden or ignored. Now I’m not a big conspiracy nut who thinks the rich make more money from a divided downtrodden populous that can’t organise themselves to help each other  and live nicely together. However, that does seem to be what we have and a few do indeed profit nicely from those that are broken and bruised. In America, prisons are big business with 1 out of 100 Americans being in Gaol! Legal drugs are taxed and those broken by them seem to drag those around them down, perhaps stopping those with a modicum of sobriety from questioning all the crap going on around us as we blame the addicted persons weaknesses. .

Anyhow, back to psychology and drugs, they basically found that rats in a nice environment stopped taking drugs, no war on drugs needed, just a war on shit living and working conditions. Perhaps we should all be striving a bit harder to make the world a nicer bloody place where, for example I don’t feel I have to sink 3 bottles of wine to retain some sense of happiness. Just a thought!


Butterfly Ridge


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The Crooked Bill Mill


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